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    I loves a DIY lighting project, and particularly dig those that can be crafted up from easy-to-find hardware store materials. Inspired by a high-end piece he saw online, Tim Wikander came up with this simple tripod lamp project using scrap materials and a few basic hand tools. 

    Tim says, "I set out to design a simple yet sturdy desk lamp that almost anyone could make.  Drawing inspiration from scrap project materials and Hoang M Nguyen's "Lampfire", Tres Lamp is a customizable lamp that can be constructed with the most basic of tools." 

    Get the full tutorial on Instructables: Tres Lamp


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    created at: 04/23/2013

    A few months ago Vine took over the short-video scene with its social platform that allows users to create mini clips of pretty much anything; cats, recipes, incessant harlem shakes, even fashion shows. Great, so "what's next?" you might ask. Well, now you can turn your videos into flipbooks!

    Vineflip is the company behind this new idea that promises to turn your funky-town Vine videos into "collectable, memorable, and oh-so-fun flipbooks". 

    At a glance, the process seems pretty straight forward:

    • Create a video in Vine
    • Login to Vineflip
    • Order your flipbook

    Prices are pretty affordable too; you can get 2 flipbooks for $10, and up to 20 for $85. Not too bad. I guess this is the equivalent of StickyGram for Instagram, except that this one is more "animated". I can see people getting creative with flibooks, especially at grad parties or weddings.

    What do you think? Would you get one? Or are you keeping your digital mementos exclusively in your phone?

    Turn your Vines into Flipbooks [Via: Raincoast Cottage]

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    created at: 05/07/2013

    The Hill-side, a Brooklyn-based necktie and pocket square company, created this sweet animated video where a bow tie teaches you how to tie itself. It's got a great old school Sesame Street-style vibe, and actually manages to be quite informative, cause there aren't any hands to get in the way.

    Trust me, you want to watch this:    

    See?! Awesome, right?

    Learn more about The Hill-side on their site, which contains lots of other cool animations and GIFs. [via The Fox is Black


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    Eva Black Design

    Some people like to peek inside other people's medicine cabinets. I have no idea why, but it's a thing. People really do that.

    I've always been much more interested in taking a look at the offices, workspaces, and studios of artists, crafters, and designers. Here are five favorites that will motivate you to transform your current headquarters (a.k.a. couch) into a mad creativity centerl where ideas can grow.

    created at: 05/02/2013

    1: Rustic Studio. This workspace can be created in your garage or shed. You can use lots of second-hand items to keep it affordable and to add character. If you're looking for a low maintenance space, go for this setup!


    created at: 05/02/2013

    2. Minimal with Collage Feature Wall. If you're constantly archiving inspiration taken from the pages of magazines and newspapers, this workspace will do wonders for you. The feature collage wall is pretty much a real-life pinterest board. All the white space and minimal design helps bring the look together (say not to clutter!). Perfect setup if you're a tactile learner. [Via: Shelterness]


    created at: 05/02/2013

    3. Minimal Corner. Forget the collage and other distractions. Get work done in this zen-like space. You can adapt a corner in your home or apartment without taking too much room; a small desk, a few shelves and a comfy chair will do. And just like in the picture above, have a bass or guitar handy in case you need to unwind. And, you know, can play it. [Via: Geek and Hype]


    Primary Desk

    4. Small and Cozy. Requirements: a chair and a desk. Easy. To set it up, move some furniture around and use the same palette used in the room. In the image above, the desk, lamp, and chair work really well because of the wood finishing. This is the best setup to maximize space in small places. [Primary Desk from DWR] 


    Workspace inspiration

    5. Shared. Sometimes you can't have a workspace oasis entirely for yourself and you gotta share with others. Go for a neutral palette so each one of you can customize the space without looking like chaos. Don't go overboard - just keep things simple and cohesive. [Via Home Designing]

    Are you we convinced to ditch your couch and go for a proper setup? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

    [Top photo: Eva Black Design]



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    Each Wednesday, I post some of my favorite can't-miss links, images, and otherwise mindblowing goodies from across the web.

    Belgian-based photographer Manon Wethly shares these awesome photos of airborne beverages and other liquids through her Instagram account. Apparently, she captures most of them with just an iPhone. 

    See more images and collages at Colossal. 


    created at: 05/08/2013

    The Great Gatsby Video Game: Can you reach the green light and achieve the American Dream? (Get it?) 


     This is what a baby penguin being tickled sounds like (go to around 1:00 for the good part). Also, the Cincinnati Zoo is the best. 


    I don't know the mythologies of all of these guys, so some of these are lost of me, but Texts from Superheroes is pretty clever. 


    15 DIY Gadgets you can make with a Raspberry Pi. 





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    Bureau Rabensteiner

    If you’re thinking about revamping your brand, whatever it might be, you should consider doing something that's completely out of the ordinary. This identity and stationery design by Bureau Rabensteiner is the perfect example. 

    Forget about classic formats and rules that don’t allow you to be playful with your brand. Let go of the plain and boring (and the Helveticas, of course) and embrace the wild and creative. 

    Bureau Rabensteiner

    Bureau Rabensteiner created this design for N. Daniels, a rep and photo producer in Vienna. The design is very simple, yet delivers a good dose of wow factor. For this design, the studio used thermosensitive paper that fades with body temperature. No business card is the same. Each unique look is created by the person that’s holding the paper. So neat!

    Bureau Rabensteiner

    I’m definitely digging the Polaroid shaped cards - super modern and quirky.

    What do you think? Do you like this type of design?

    [Identity and Stationary Design by Bureau Rabensteiner for N. Daniels]


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    created at: 05/08/2013

    Some of the most frequent kinds of questions ManMade receives are inquiries like, "I just graduated college and finally have a real income and I'd like to start investing in some long-lasting goods..." or "my fiancée's birthday is coming up, and I'd like to buy him something every guy should have..." In 2013, I've been giving my take on those essential items, offering a new collection of ten each season: winter, spring, summer, and fall.  Some of these you might already own, some of these you might need to upgrade to a quality version, and most of these apply to women and households too. Please let me know what you think, and what you'd add or take away in the comments below.    

    1. A pocketknife or multi-tool: [pictured above] For most of my adult life, I wasn't a pocketknife guy. I had some, but reserved them for camping or backpacking trips, and I always kept a small Leatherman in my "go bag" (except when flying) as well as one in my car. But, over the last few months, after inheriting several pocketknives from my grandfather, I've taken to carrying a small one along with my other daily items, and, my goodness, it's useful. I don't know that I use it everyday, but I'm certain it's employed at least four or five times a week, and on those days I forget, I always seem to need it. Give it a shot. For more, see 20+ Ways to Use a Pocketknife 


    2. At least one living plant: Spring is the time when stuff grows, and it's important to have that ish inside your house. There's a certain zen that comes with caring for a plant - whether it's a single succulent that needs to be watered once a month, or a full-on farm. Those of us with gardens or lawns to manage are covered, but urban apartment dwellers or renters? Get. a. plant. And don't let it die. Put in on your kitchen table, in your office, build a window box, grow your own wheatgrass, whatever. Green thumb or no, it'll make you a better guy. If you want to really incorporate some into your home decor, check out our How to: Make DIY Wall-Mounted Succulent Shelves 


    3. A library card: Even in the era of the internet and eReaders, your local library is still a major gift to any community. It's full of media, that you can get for free. For free! Especially in the era when most video stores are closed, your local library remains one of the few places you can just browse for movies older than six months. And they have books! And magazines! And all kinds of interesting programming, and film series, and free classes. Libraries are awesome, and it'll be a serious shame if we lose them. I love discovering new music on the web or browsing Netflix, but there's still something special about finding a physical piece of media on a shelf, and making a commitment to checking it out. Go pay off your fines, and patronize your local library.  


    created at: 05/08/2013

    4. A weekend getaway bag: You have months of cabin fever built up, and there's just something good for the soul about spending a weekend away from home. Don't over-think it and grab a piece of luggage and three pairs of shoes and a garment bag full of suits. Just snag your toothbrush, a filled flask or growler for when you get there, a magazine or two, and a jacket and your favorite pair of jeans. Spend a weekend with a buddy in a neighboring city. Go see your parents. Take your sweetheart somewhere special. Just hit the road. For some multi-use solutions, check out our roundup of Five Awesome Gym Bags to match any style. (Just make sure it smells okay)

    Pictured: J. Crew Factory Weekend Duffel Bag - $89.50 


    created at: 05/08/2013

    5. A bicycle: This might be a controversial one, especially for those in small spaces, but I'ma say it: every guy needs a bike. The world just looks different from two wheels. When we were kids, your bike meant freedom, and that isn't lost when you grow up. They're a great form of exercise, especially as we age and our joints can't always handle the impact of jogging. You can ride it for fun, for transportation, for fitness, to save money or gas. Bikes are awesome, and a solid one will last you for the rest of your life. There's no reason to plunk down a bunch of money on a new carbon-fiber racing frame. Used bike shops and co-ops abound in every major city, and you can get a perfectly useable older road bike for around $100. Just be sure to get one that fits, and make sure the tires and brake pads are in good shape. For more, see our Skillset post - How to: 5 DIY Bike Tune-Ups Every Man Should Know 


    6. A regular appointment that has nothing to do with your job - Those with kids will laugh at this, but we should all have at least one place we're committed to be during our off hours. Especially in the era of telecommuting, startup culture, freelancing, etc. Ideas? Take a class. Play a team sport. Volunteer with a local organization. Join a book club or discussion group. Attend a lecture. Take part in a community garden. Routine isn't everything, but it helps a lot of us living the creative lifestyle to have some balance.

    created at: 05/08/2013

    7. A great pair of sunglasses: Not an expensive pair, but something better than the stuff you can find at the gas station. Why? Sunglasses are stylish, but they also are good for you and your health. From our ManMade Guide to Sunglasses:

    Unfortunately, many men consider sunglasses to be mere fashion accessories, and therefore "not manly," but there are actually several health benefits to wearing sunglasses, particularly polarized lenses, when spending a day outside: they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and blue light, as well as protecting the skin around your eyes and preventing wrinkles and "crow's feet." Furthermore, they allow you to see better when outside, helping you to better operate a car, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, lawnmower, backhoe, grill, etc. 

    See more at The ManMade Guide to Sunglasses: 5 Stylish Pairs Under $100

    8. A notebook, sketchbook, or journal: I regularly use digital tools to help flesh out designs and my phone to keep track of inspirations, but there's some magical about putting a pencil on paper and sketching or outlining ideas. No matter what you do, make, or like to think about, there's a case to be made about doing it away from a screen. I keep two notebooks, a small pocket-sized one that I try to keep on me, and a hard-bound graph paper book for designing projects and planning measurements. Currently, I'm using a Leuchtturm1917 that I got at Powell's, and I like it even better than the [no longer available] Picadilly books I used for years. See the comments section here for more ideas: How to: A Quick and Easy Way to Reattach a Book or Notebook Cover 


    created at: 05/08/2013

    9. A solid umbrella: Look, don't be tough. Sometimes you just gotta be outside when it's raining, and if you need to be professional (or comfortable), it doesn't make any sense to get soaked. Like most things, I suggest spending a little more and getting on that'll last for decades, rather than buying a bunch of plasticky discount store models. Plus, the potential to be a gentleman here and keep some nice old lady on the street or your cute neighbor dry? It can be good to be the guy with the umbrella. Pictured: London Fog City Gent Lifesaver Umbrella 


    10. A wristwatch - I have no idea when guys decided there was no reason to wear a watch once we all started carrying cell phones. Maybe that'll work for a casual work day, but wristwatches do so much more than keep time you the time. They're style accessories, and important ones at that. You don't need anything flashy or expensive. Just a piece that's solid, classy, and timeless. (Um....) I vote for having at least two - one for dress and one for casual wear, perhaps with a few easy-to-switch band options.  Plus, when you're out on a date and need to make a movie or show, or at a business meeting, you don't wanna be pulling out your phone to check the time. Watches, my friend. Watches. Pictured: Timex Weekender Slip Through - $45.00 


    Check out our 10 Things Every Man Should Own - Winter Edition here:

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    The Time Life archives are featuring this fascinating story from the December 27, 1948 issue of Life magazine - "Hell on Wheels: Life on Mutant Bicycles" It highlights these hilarious/awesome/inspiring photos from a group of Chicago bicycle enthusiast who were experimenting with frames, wheels, and DIY bicycle accessories. You know, like this two person job, the "Gangbusters Bike" which "mounts 13 shotguns, two revolvers, six bayonets, flare gun." Just in case?    


    Caption from LIFE. "Ice Bike, with protective mittens on handles, is Joe Steinlauf's own solution to Chicago's icy winter streets."

    Caption from LIFE. "Uno-Wheel, if braked suddenly, has been known to spin its rider round and round inside the big main wheel."

    Hell on Wheels: Life with Mutant Bicycles[, via BoingBoing]


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    Something about this story really touches me. I've always been a fan of both Wyclef and Jimmy DiResta's work, and there's just something about the two of them talking about revolution that just presses all my buttons. 

    Watch this interview video where the MC and the maker discuss the project:

    Then check out Jimmy's making off video:

    Note that trigger-activated tremolo bar! 

    [via Laughing Squid



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    The sun is out, sleeves are getting short, and that means: it's time to update your look for the season.

    We have created two easy DIY projects that will add a nautical touch to your wardrobe without breaking the bank or having to buy a boat. Learn how to make your own knotted bracelet and...come sail, um, away.

    Just in case you haven't noticed, nautical-inspired bracelets are the thing right now, but like with everything that's trendy, they can get pricey, but guess what? This DIY will cost you $2, maybe less! So you have no excuse to not look dapper for the season.

    How To: Create a Nautical Inspired Bracelet, Part I


    • Nylon cord: 1 yard (available at any craft or hardware store)
    • Scissors

    Make it:

    1: Start by wrapping the cord around your wrist twice. Add 1 extra inch. Cut.

    2: Fold in half. Tie a double figure 8 loop ("Bunny Ears") right in the middle.

    Nautical Bracelet

    3: Tie an overhand knot where the loose ends meet, and a loop knot on the other end (same as overhand, just a bit of room for the loop).

    4: Cut any excess cord (don't cut too close to the knot) and burn the ends with a lighter to prevent it from frilling. 

    Nautical Bracelet DIY

    That's it! You're ready to rock the boat. As an added bonus, you now can talk about knots like a true sailor.

    Next week we'll show you the 2nd installment of this project, a different design that's even easier to make!

    Project Credit: Meiku Designs

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    Marshmallow Laser Feast

    This video by interactive design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast is a much deserved escape from reality. It's a grown-up version of laser tagging, so buckle up, doc!

    In this video you can see some insane work produced by the talented fellas at Marshmallow Laser Feast. They’ve been doing this for almost 10 years, so no wonder why they’re such pros at creating incredible interactive displays. Their Laser Forest brings back childhood memories of epic battles with lightsabers. Man, technology is really taking over art and creativity! Gotta love it.

    Marshmallow Laser Feast [Via: Booooooom]

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    Sure, we've all heard that the sandwich was supposedly invented by The Earl of Sandwich at a Card Game, and know that sideburns were named after Civil War General Ambrose Burnside. But! Did you know that the cardigan was named after an Earl as well, and the leotard dubbed for a real person named - get this - Guy Leotard?    Details reports, "No one can live forever, but having a garment named in your honor ensures that, in a certain sense, you're still walking around years after your demise. Read on to learn the historical origins of your favorite closet staples."

    That's Arthur Wellesly, who had a new pair of boots designed after returning from Waterloo, which immediately caught on among the British aristocracy, who dubbed them "Wellingtons." 

    Menswear Named After Real Men []

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    On first glance, this recipe might seem a little too on the nose. Like, crafted just so people on the internet will go "oooooo" and re-pin it and keep talking about bacon and whiskey like they're the first person to ever realize that delicious things are tasty. But, if you look a little closer, you'll realize it's actually an interesting way to craft a salty/spicy dessert. Rather than employ butter or chocolate, the richness comes from the fat in the bacon, and instead of cookie or bacon spices, the whiskey gives an aromatic note that complements the sweetness, that comes from the marshmallows and the burnt sugar of the caramel, which then highlights the barrel taste of the whiskey...and so forth.

    We actually gave this a shot and made a few batches of this recipe over Christmas to give to friends and guests, and it really does work. Overtly trendy? I don't know, but it tastes pretty awesome. 

    Whiskey, Caramel, Marshmallow and Bacon Bark [Endless Simmer]


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    Credit: Ameris Photography []

    Looking for a super easy - and affordable - way to dress up your walls, Christopher Columbus-style? Then, give this a shot!

    Maps are such neglected pieces of art even though we used them for centuries to find our way around. As much as you love using navigation apps, these will never compare to the art of a handmade map. This is why hanging one on your wall will add so much character to your space.

    You can find some pretty amazing maps online and I bet your local flea market is full of them! The older the better. Garage sales are also a good place to find vintage maps and globes.

    To hang a map on your wall as art, use a simple frame or one of those old school holders with strings. This post by Apartment Therapy has lots of great tips for hanging and framing large maps.

    Go ahead and add some explorers’ wisdom to your space!

    [Image credit: Ameris]

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    Maysville's beautiful back bar via []

    Sipping whiskey went from being something utterly boring that only certain retired folks would do while smoking cigars to being a hip, full-fledged trend that is taking over the best bars in the US of A.

    I am totally guilty of dissing whiskey a few times - and I’m sure you did it in the past too. Fortunately, the rebirth of this spirit has changed our views completely, making it more accessible for all (you no longer have to attend a cigar bar!).

    This guide by GQ Magazine for the 10 Best Whiskey Bars in America will take you on a little mixological trip around the country. I’m sure there are plenty of other bars out there that deserved to be mentioned but didn’t make it to the list, if you know of one in specific, let us know on the comments below. Whiskey-inspired tourism? Yes please! 

    10 Best Whiskey Bars in America

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    The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

    Perfect for that OCD friend of yours that wants to become the most symmetrically perfect chef!

    For about $30 you can get one of these OCD cutting boards. Each board comes with a built-in guide to help you chop your veggies with laser-sharp precision. batonnet, allumette, julienne, brunoise - all the basics are in there. If you don't know what any of those words are, then you need to do some extra homework.

    BBQ season is just about to arrive and that means you will need to up your game; no more chewed up veggies and dip! Step it up a notch and serve food so beautiful, your friends would want to make out with it. 

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    Credit: ST Interior Design []

    Need to spice things up in the bedroom? (not like that). Adding a statement headboard to your space can help you revamp the look in your bedroom by making it look "full" without having to invest tons in other furniture pieces. Take a look!

    Credit: One Happy Mess []

    1: Skyline made with washi tape: Quick and easy! Trace your favorite skyline on the wall (you could use a projector if you have one handy) and use black washi tape to finish the look. Bored of the same skyline? Take it down and trace a new one! You can also add a bit of color by selecting a tape with a bright pattern or colour.

    Credit: Ds Builder []

    2: A huge canvas. If you feel inspired to create a painting, get a huge canvas and create a unique piece that will add tons of character to your bedroom. Like waking up in a private gallery! If your Picasso skills aren't that great, check out this DIY on Styled by Emily Henderson where you can create a statement headboard with just a few strokes.

    Credit: Design Every Day []

    3: Old books. Yowza! This looks amazing, doesn't it? According to Design Every Day you only need a bunch of old books and some wood. Imagine going to bed surrounded by literature? I bet you'll wake up more inspired than ever! And hey, if you want to get creative you could also use magazines or comics.

    Give your bedroom and update with any of these ideas and you'll surely wake up to a brighter day!


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    Yoshihisa Tanaka and Ryuta Liada - better known as are the creators as Nerhol - are the creators of this series of cut paper portraits.

    Nerhol Photography

    The portraits are made out of carved stacks of photographs. Each subject in this series was asked to stay still for 3 minutes while the camera took several shots, all shots were printed and piled up, then cut to give a warping effect.

    created at: 05/20/2013

    I am stunned by the precision in each cut, there’s no doubt that when two creative minds come together, beautiful things are meant to happen.

    See more portraits [there are lots!] on Nerhol's website




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    Were there ever a contest for greatest sandwich of all time, this guy would have to be a contender. The recipe comes from chef/owners of the LA restaurant Son of a Gun, Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook, who also run the award-winning Animal. If the photo doesn't speak for itself, the sandwich is a pan-fried chicken breast (hello, cast iron skillet) that sits on top a garlic and Louisiana hot sauce mayo, topped with homemade pickles and a fresh cabbage and red onion slaw. Sounds impressive, but if you're not afraid of the fry setup, it's actually not a huge project, since the chicken can be prepared fresh and doesn't require any overnight preparations. (Though the pickles should be made the night before).

    Once the summer corn season finally hits (3 weeks!), I'm definitely whipping these up for my next casual dinner party. Will report back on the results.

    Fried Chicken Sandwiches with Slaw and Spicy Mayo [Bon Appetit]

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    Nautical Bracelet DIY

    Today we'll show you another design that's just as easy and cool looking as our previous one. Grab a pair of scissors and some rope and follow along.

    Nautical Bracelet DIY

    How To Create a Nautical Bracelet, Part 2


    • Nylon cord: 1 yard (available at any craft or hardware store).
    • Scissors

    Make it:

    1: Start by wrapping the cord around your wrist 4 times. Add an extra inch on one end and cut.

    Nautical Bracelet DIY

    2: On one end make an oysterman's knot.

    3: On the other end make an angler's knot (if your cord is too thick, just use a simple loop knot).

    4: Cut any excess cord (don't cut too close to the knot!), and carefully burn the edges with a lighter, this way you'll avoid any frilling.

    5: Wear it and go fishing!

    Nautical Bracelet DIY

    Wasn't it easy? Now that you're acquainted with all of these knots, you should make some extra bracelets for your friends! 

    Project Credit: Meiku Designs


    For more, check out our first knotted rope bracelet project: 


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